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When you’re at home alone watching a scary movie and hear a noise





But then you hear it again….


….Then you think you see something….



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I. Can’t. Do. This.

People say it gets better but it doesn’t. It just gets different, that’s all.

Catching up

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually blogged on here. A lot has changed and a lot is about to happen all over again. My then boyfriend Kyle and I actually got married since I’ve blogged last. We have now been together 3 years and married for over 6 months. Sorry for completely disappearing off this site! Things are pretty great with us. Besides the usual stress of being newly married and sharing our paychecks and basically being broke all the time. Kyle did leave for basic but he had a seizure (so they say) and came home a month later. Let me tell you that was not a good time for me. Going without him I’m honestly surprised I made it. I stopped eating, I cried all the time, I couldn’t sleep in our apartment and I didn’t make any apprehensions at work so I could have lost my job. Then when he came home things were good again and now he’s trying to reenlist and go again and I’m just worried I’m not gonna be able to handle it again. I really hope it’s easier for me this time, I can’t let myself be that bad again. I’m seriously a big emotional baby obviously! :( anyways besides that the last picture of the bunnies I posted.. Well they no longer look like that! They are now huge and the black one who ended up being female currently has two babies in her cage! That was quite a surprise for us seeing as for awhile we thought they were the same gender! Ummm nope! The babies are adorable though but we definitely will not be keeping them! Lol! We have enough bunnies. I need one of those crazy cat bumper stickers only with bunnies. Haha well that about sums up my recent life. I’ll be trying to post regularly on here now, maybe! - Jess


Words of Emotion
My babies.

It’s all I think about..

My boyfriend hasn’t even left yet and all I can think about is what my life is going to be like when he’s gone. How much it’s going to change. I’ve been with him for two years and never gone more than a couple days without seeing him.. Never gone more than that long without sleeping next to him either and now here we are.. He’s about to leave and I’m about to lose everything. I’m not actually losing him but its going to be a big change for me. With love you can make it through anything, we are going to prove that to the world.

Milso love

I think anyone that is in a relationship with someone in the military should be able to show the fact that they are a milso by calling themself one. I don’t see the issue. You are proud to be loving someone in the military why do you have to hide it? Our relationships are different Idc what anyone says. Most normal relationships don’t have people going months without seeing each other. It takes a strong woman to date a military man, yes it is hard and yes it is a choice but seriously don’t bitch about me calling myself one. I love the support we all give each other. I won’t stop EVER so buh bye.


About This Post

“My name is Staff Sergeant Andrew Wahl. I have served honorably for 8 years in the United States Army and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. This is my second time being deployed to Afghanistan, my first was from 2007-2008. While here the first time I developed a passion for the Sagee Koochee dog breed and made it a goal of mine to some day bring one back home with me if I ever went back. Now almost 5 years since I first came to Afghanistan I have the Oportunity to rescue THOR. Thor is a young male puppy that lost his mother shortly after he was born and in a country that has no love for pets has found a safe haven with the Nowzad Dog Rescue. Working with a woman named Louise it is now my intention to rescue him and fulfill my goal. When Thor makes it to the states he will have 7 acres to call home, 2 little boys, a little girl, and another dog to play with. He will get to experience something most dogs in Afghanistan never will… FAMILY! I can not explain why it means so much to me to do this, but failure is not an option. The financial burdens are heavy, and it is a long process that involves the Thor travelling from Afghanistan to Europe and finally to the United states. There will be shots and quarentines along the way and the money raised will cover his vaccines, food, lodging, and transportation along his way. Thor needs to come home with me! He represents a beautiful part of the Afghan culture and I want my family to enjoy with me the one part of Afghanistan that always made me happy. It doesn’t take much, just a dollar here or there to make my dreams come true. Thank you to all those who choose to give. No good deed goes unnoticed!”

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Over thinking

Maybe that’s just it. I’m over thinking because now I know this is real and your leaving. So every little thing is making me self conscious. Like the fact that two years ago when we first started dating you texted me way more, now it’s like having a conversation with myself constantly. Or maybe the fact that you used to not be able to stand when I was upset and now you just pretend I’m not. You tell me you love me everyday but do you really? Cause sometimes I can’t tell. Deep down inside I know you do you just have a funny way of showing it. I know your stressed right now but so am I! Don’t forget about me!! I’m going through this to, with you.

peace and love